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Tinakulan economy broken and a new name

Someone found out that they could give themselves and other people trillions of Mendañas. Instead of reporting it they decided to give themselves and others massive amounts of money, the issue is currently being investigated by the Slobovian Secret Service. Since the nation broke up it is going to be renamed to Tinakula instead of the Socialist States of Tinakula.

Tinakula broken up into 5 nations!

In a meeting it was decided that all of the parties would break into their own nations. This could prevent more crises from happening but could make the nations grow too far apart. Afra planned ahead for this and decided to have a Shahansha (king). It is not exactly known what islands will be controlled by what nations. It is likely that Conservative Emananus will get Emananus Island, the New Democrats will get an island in New Polynesia, and Nesciu Tinakulá will get most or all of Tinakula island. This is a developing story.

Next election on February 1st (OLD)

The next tinakulan election will take place on February 1st. La’haca Suraca, the Democratic Conservatives, and the Techno-Progressive Party will all be running for president. The Competent Fools and the New Democrats have not announced whether they will participate in the election. The Techno-Progressive Party is still very new and does not have a deputy for their party yet, if you are interested in being the deputy of the Techno-Pregressives please DM broken#0748. Make sure to read all of the policies and ideas for each party so you know who to vote for on February 1st!